Randolph County Animal Shelter

To better serve the animals in our care and the public, we have implemented an adoption application and waiting period. You may fill out the application when you arrive at the shelter, fill it out online here, or print it off by clicking here and either bringing it with you or faxing it to 336-629-5965. If you find a dog or cat that interests you, we will ask that you be willing to wait up to one day to give us time to review your application. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work hard for the animals of the shelter!

Please note our adoption fees have recently changed. Effective September 2017, cats and dogs now adopted from the shelter will be spayed or neutered before leaving the shelter. This will reduce the number of unplanned litters and the number of unwanted animals coming in to the shelter. A portion of the adoption fee for kittens and puppies too young to be spayed or neutered at the time of adoption will be a refunded when proof that the animal has been spayed/neutered is provided. (we accept most credit and debit cards)

Adoption Fees:

  • Male Dog - $110
  • Female Dog - $120
  • Male Cat - $90
  • Female Cat - $100

All citizens of Randolph County are required to follow the laws pertaining to animal ownership, click here to read a copy of the Randolph County Ordinance.

Please be aware that while we do employ a consulting veterinarian, we do not have a vet on staff to perform regular examination of all of our animals. We do our best to keep all of our shelter pets healthy by employing a health protocol outlined by our vet that includes regular surface sanitizing, deworming and preventative vaccines. To ensure the best health for your new pet, we strongly advise all new adopters to visit their own vet as soon as possible after adoption for a wellness exam.

Visitors are welcome Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm.